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Our Book Now Available for Kindle $9.99

November 15, 2009

Our book has been released for the Amazon Kindle.   Not only can you get the book instantly delivered to your Kindle device, the price for this electronic version of Maximizing Your Sales with is discounted to $9.99 when purchased electronically.

Hint:  It makes a great stocking stuffer!  Don’t you think that special someone deserves an electronic copy of our Salesforce book?  😉

Here’s the URL, or you can search for on your Kindle device:


New $9.99/mo NFP Pricing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

November 14, 2009

Many not-for-profit organizations now qualify for an amazingly-low price on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  For $9.99 per user per month with a minimum buy-in of five users, NFP organizations get the full version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  Restrictions may apply, and Microsoft makes final determination on whether your organization qualifies for this promotional pricing.  You must be a 501(c)3.

Salesforce also offers NFP pricing, but SF deals usually cap out at 10 users.  Beyond that point, an organization pays a larger monthly fee for additional users.  With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, the pricing is good for all of your employees. 

For details, to find out if your organization qualifies, or to sign up your organization, contact Tim Kachinske at (800) 322-1049 or by email at tim @



Useful Data Cleanup Functions in Excel

November 12, 2009

We are often hired to import existing data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and much of this data comes to us in the form of Excel spreadsheets.  Most of these spreadsheets require some form of data cleanup before they can be imported into CRM.

We thought it might be helpful to post a list of functions we commonly use for cleanup in Excel.  Knowing these Excel features can make your life a *lot* easier if you are tasked with preparing data.

Concatenate: Use this functions to bring two fields together.  Let’s say, for example, you have purchased data from a mail house.  The

Proper: Sometimes, we get Excel spreadsheets where all company names are in UPPERCASE.  Use the Proper function to change this data to just capitalize the first letter of each word.  With company names like ABC Company, you’ll have some extra cleanup, but this function should clean up most of the company names.

Clean: Especially with data originally exported from Outlook, it’s common to see non-printing characters (like a hard return) in Excel cells.  You can use the Clean function to remove these non-printing characters en masse.

Data Transpose: Rows represent records, and columns represent fields.  If you have a spreadsheet that is set up the opposite way (with each column representing a record) then you can use the transpose function to switch the data around easily.  Copy all data, go to a new Excel spreadsheet, and Click Edit | Paste Special.  Then  choose the Transpose option and click OK.

Search/Replace: It may seem obvious, but the search/replace feature in Excel is a lot easier if done before you import data into CRM.