Running a Quick Campaign for marketing list members

July 7, 2010

Quick Campaigns are kind of like Campaigns, but they only have one campaign activity.

Running a Quick Campaign for bunch of marketing list members is a lot more efficient than going through your entire database and individually selecting records to add to your quick campaign.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click Marketing in the Navigation Pane, and then click Marketing Lists.
  2. Double-click a marketing list.
  3. Click the Create Quick Campaign button on the toolbar and click Next.
  4. Give your Quick Campaign a name and click Next.
  5. Select the type of activity you’d like to create for your quick campaign and choose who will own these activities.
  6. Add specific information for the type of activity that will be created and click Next.  This activity (either a task, e-mail, letter, etc.) will be created for each marketing list member.


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