Saving an Advanced Find as a personal view

April 1, 2010

Do you ever find yourself running the same search over and over again?  In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can save yourself from this hassle by saving your Advanced Find as a personal view.

Search results displayed in a saved view will be updated as your database changes. For example, if you save an Advanced Find that shows all current opportunities, the view will always give you the complete list of current opportunities.  If you close an opportunity, it is removed from the view automatically.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click the Advanced Find button on the toolbar.
  2. Set up your query.
  3. Click Save As on the Actions Toolbar.
  4. Give your view a name.
  5. Exit the Advanced Find.
  6. Refresh.  The Advanced Find should now show up in your list of views.

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