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New Features Coming in May for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online!

April 29, 2010

Microsoft has just announced a great list of new features coming to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in the upcoming May service update.  Highlights include:

  • International support:  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now available in global markets, and it includes multi-lingual support for customers in the United States and abroad.
  • Free Customer Portal:  Starting in May, your subscription will include access to a free customer service portal.  Use this portal to do event management, let your customers view/create support incidents online, and create full service partner relationship management solutions.  This is a huge feature that usually dramatically increases the cost of a CRM implementation, and with CRM Online, you’ll get it included with your base CRM subscription.
  • An Updated SDK:  This tool will make it easier for developers to connect directly into CRM Online, especially for Azure applications.
  • Native Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP: If you have Dynamics GP running in your office, you can now link with your CRM Online database without any custom programming.  Also, until June 30, GP customers can purchase CRM Online for $19/user/month.



Get Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for $19/mo.

April 28, 2010

If you’re a Dynamics GP customer, you can now get Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for $19/user/month.  That’s more than a 50% discount off the regular price of $44/user/month.  The offer runs through June 30th and also includes Microsoft’s free link accelerator to share information between CRM and GP. 

For more information, or to sign up for this great offer, give us a ring at 800-322-1049.

  • Subscription must be purchased and activated by June 30th, 2010.
  • Applies to unlimited # of seats, with a 5 seat minimum.
  • Offer available to new Dynamics CRM customers only .
  • Offer available to Microsoft Dynamics GP customers registered in VOICE.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions or discount offers.
  • Offer available only in the U.S & Canada.
  • Customer may cancel subscription in the first 30 days without any cancellation fees. Cancellation Fees of $175/seat will apply after first 30 days.
  • Price guaranteed for one year and so long as the subscription remains active; if customer terminates their subscription, they are not eligible to reenroll at this discounted price.

Installing the CRM E-mail Router

April 14, 2010

When you send an e-mail in CRM, that e-mail either is delivered through an individual user’s Outlook program, or the e-mail is routed to the E-mail Router.  This E-mail Router is a separate application that acts as a gateway between CRM and your Exchange/POP/SMTP e-mail server.

You can download the CRM E-mail Router from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Center.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to  and choose either CRM On-Premise or CRM Online.
  2. Under Downloads, Click Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online E-mail Router.
  3. Click the Download button and follow the installation instructions.


Tips & Tricks

  • The location of the download files for the E-mail Router may change.  Go a Bing search if the instructions above don’t work.
  • The CRM E-mail Router only needs to be installed once per database.  It will send emails for all of your users.



Configuring Outlook e-mail settings

April 8, 2010

First thing’s first: Unless your company has implemented the CRM E-mail Router, you’ll need to configure your Outlook to work with CRM.

This will allow Microsoft Dynamics CRM to send e-mails using CRM for Outlook.  Why do you have to manually set Outlook to work with CRM for sending e-mail?  Because Outlook basically assumes that all plugins are viruses and requires that that you manually give CRM permission to send e-mails through Outlook.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click Add-Ins on the Outlook ribbon and then choose the CRM drop-down.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click the E-mail tab.
  4. Choose the option to allow CRM e-mails to be sent through Outlook and click OK.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you don’t allow Outlook to send e-mails on CRM’s behalf, you will likely receive multiple annoying pop-up messages when CRM attempts to deliver e-mail messages.
  • Each user must individually allow Outlook to send e-mail on behalf of CRM.



Saving an Advanced Find as a personal view

April 1, 2010

Do you ever find yourself running the same search over and over again?  In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can save yourself from this hassle by saving your Advanced Find as a personal view.

Search results displayed in a saved view will be updated as your database changes. For example, if you save an Advanced Find that shows all current opportunities, the view will always give you the complete list of current opportunities.  If you close an opportunity, it is removed from the view automatically.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click the Advanced Find button on the toolbar.
  2. Set up your query.
  3. Click Save As on the Actions Toolbar.
  4. Give your view a name.
  5. Exit the Advanced Find.
  6. Refresh.  The Advanced Find should now show up in your list of views.