Deleting or deactivating a record

December 7, 2009

Have you ever gotten into an argument with one of your contacts and thought, “Wow, I’d like to wipe you from my database?” Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to do this by either deleting or deactivating a record.

Deleted records can’t be retrieved, so be careful before you delete a record.  A deactivated record stays in the database with an inactive status, but won’t appear in your active records.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click Sales in the Navigation Pane, and then click Contacts.
  2. Highlight the contact that you want to delete.
  3. On the Actions toolbar, click the delete icon.  (It looks like an X.)
  4. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.


Tips & Tricks

  • This process walks you through the steps required to delete a contact, but these steps will work on just about any entity in the system.
  • If you don’t see an option to delete, you might not have access to delete records.


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