So what is xRM?

October 24, 2009

xRM is  the use of CRM software as a development platform to create industry-specific applications that extend beyond the traditional use of CRM within sales organizations.

Ten years ago, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) replaced SFA (Sales Force Automation) as the buzzword-of-the-day.  Today, xRM is the new CRM.  A lot of folks ask us about the hype surrounding xRM, and so here’s a quick explanation of xRM.

Basically, traditional CRM focused on the customer.  In fact, the “C” in CRM stands for customer.  In a traditional CRM deployment, salespeople have used the CRM platform to create  a mechanism for tracking customers. 

With the advent of xRM, though, the CRM platform has been extended to focus on a variety of businesses.  The “x” in xRM is a wildcard.  It could stand for anything.  If you are a political office, xRM could be Constituent Relationship Management.   If you are a doctor’s office, xRM could be Patient Relationship Management.  If you are a charity, xRM could be Donor Relationship Management. 

In other words, xRM has extended far beyond the original focus on the salesperson/customer relationship.  Anyone tracking a relationship in a business environment can use xRM to stay organized.

This video from Microsoft talks about the concept of xRM.

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